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ProBizz offers business solutions and strategic directions to Businesses to form their Strategy for the growth of Top Line and are engaged with clients for achieving Shop Floor Excellence to improve the Quality of the product & decrease the manufacturing costs to increase their Bottom Line.

Founded in 2018, ProBizz Inc. is a Government of India Registered MSME Service Provider for Management Consulting, Industrial Consulting, Business Development, Marketing Services etc.

Through our Business Partners in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand & Vietnam we help our clients to draw their ASEAN entry strategy; weather it is a product launch, setting up representative offices or setting up new Companies / Plants. We take care of all your Legal & Visa related requirements during the incubation stage.

We also provide support to Companies to represent them in Japan and Australia through our associate’s office in Tokyo and in Brisbane.

ProBizz Inc. also helps organizations develop management system and coach their team to handle multiple products & multiple locations and prepare make them future ready.

Our Management Consultants help our clients to identify the future technology and products. Our reputed M&A Advisor associates in Japan, Germany & USA, support to identify and bring on board suitable JV partners & both In & Out M&A deals.

In addition to providing consultancy to enterprises in the manufacturing sector for developing their management systems, ProBizz is engaged in the field of marketing and business development and lead enterprises to make their India Entry Strategy and represent them in India for all their needs.

Our Industrial Consulting team works with our clients Shop Floor managers to guide them in achieving Zero Defect & reduce manufacturing costs while improving the service level to the Customer.

We help our clients in achieving Business Excellence based in the approach of TPM and use Japanese techniques of 5S, Kaizen, 3M, 3R, Kanban etc.

We support our clients to draw their Industry 4.0 road map and use the Data generated in the client’s organization by applying, modern Analytic tools & AI tools to use provide Customer delight.



To become a reliable & cost effective Partner to our Customers by providing them unparalleled advise  in achieving rapid Growth by formation of Smart Strategy of product innovation & manufacturing technology, with highest Quality. These Smart Products to be churned out of Smart Factory for unique customer experience.



To offer service, for development and guidance of management system and technology, while targeting Zero Defect and highest Productivity within the complete supply chain, for customer satisfaction and focused on product innovation, manufacturing excellence, to technology-oriented industrial companies especially determined for International competition at an affordable price.


  • Transparency

  • Trust

  • Agility

  • Honesty

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