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Management Consulting


We cooperate with the executives in creating awareness for improvement or change. We help align management strategies with corporate goals. We work hands-on in assessing the business status and in responding to the needs of shareholders, customers, and employees.

Collaborating with all stakeholders through change policies, we focus on the corporate organization and restructuring as well as on quality management, information technologies, and strategic planning issues.


We provide services for the design of Information Systems and for the selection and implementation of Technologies that best meet the current and future requirements. We tackle the Human Resources issues and motivate the existing workforce for delivering tangible successes.


We undertake the development of management systems, lead people, and guide teams for achieving visibly better results. We implement coaching, training programs, and improvement plans as required.


We also offer methodology and guidance to establish performance-based Budgeting and Control systems leading to Strategic Management for excellence.


Executive Management

  • Corporate Structuring

  • Company Systems

  • Change Management

  • Total Quality Management

  • Information Systems and Review Mechanism

Strategic Management

  • Strategic Assessment

  • Strategy Development

  • Business Planning

  • Execution and Control

  • Performance-based Budget Systems

We offer Business Development & Marketing Services to entrepreneurs who envision new ventures and expand through investment in new areas / products.

We take part in customer need analyses, product and service design, sales forecast and business model development. We carry out the feasibility analyses and plans for the investment. We also undertake the project management and on-site supervision for realization of the work.


We make Business Alliances and offers guidance for establishing JV, TAA and M&A.


We investigate businesses that are complementary and encourage the companies to partner and jointly break into new markets. We facilitate mergers and acquisitions, manage joint venture establishments and company formation.


We assist companies for introducing their products and brands also to ASEAN markets.


We help foreign companies to make their India Entry Strategy. We create networks to liaise with buyers, distributors and dealers in order to start new marketing and sales ventures. We also act as their agent for representation, marketing, sales and distribution within India.


New Business Development

  • Market Surveys

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Investment Planning

  • Project Management

  • Engineering and Procurement


Business Alliances

  • Partner Search

  • Joint Ventures

  • Marketing and Sales Agreements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Contract Manufacturing


Market Management

  • Market Entry Management

  • New Product and Brand Strategies

  • Distribution Channels Setting

  • Dealer Network Development

  • Customer Base

  • Franchising Systems


Trade Support

  • Sales Channels Development

  • Trading Partner Identification

  • Vendor Selection and Qualification

  • Supplier Selection and Qualification

  • Sourcing and Procurement Assistance

  • Export and Import Assistance

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