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Industrial Consulting


We offer Industrial Consulting Services to industrial enterprises committed for growth and help them accomplish Business Excellence.


We collaborate with senior managers in coping with challenges and change. We help identify product strategies matching with company future outlook and the requirement of market. We provide expert view to evaluate the suitability of products and services for the intended customer requirements.


Working with all members of operating groups, we focus on product development and manufacturing processes and also on distribution and services. We initiate plans and concrete actions for technology enhancement and for building up new engineering capabilities.


Where applicable, we structure the management of technology, create means for R&D and lead teams for creating new products, applications and services. We provide technical assistance regarding operational systems on the factory shop floor and seek progress on quality, productivity and cost reduction issues.


We also provide support for developing the technology base and the manufacturing infrastructure for Industry 4.0, through license, technology and know-how transfer from foreign sources.


Technology Management

  • Product and Process Development

  • Innovation and Commercialization

  • Research and Development

  • Know-How and License

Manufacturing Management

  • Plant Management Systems

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Quality Enhancement – Zero defect

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Cost Reduction

  • Road Map to digitization – Industry 4.0

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